Svenska from Malmö

by kengilmer

I am in Sweden at OREDEV, a software development conference.  I was invited here to talk about BUG and am very happy to attend.  Yesterday I presented a three hour tutorial on BUG, and we developed a few apps, inluding XmasTree  and Puck.  Overall things went pretty well, but we did have some troubles with IP over USB on Windows and Mac machines.  We’re working on the issue and hope to have better solutions shortly.  Today  I presented a one-hour BUG session in the Java track.  Attendence was very good and the audience were all knowledgable of OSGi and embedded development.  The session went very well and I met several folks afterwords that have been tracking us and hope to get units soon.  Several people find the BUG a great way of demonstrating and teaching OSGI concepts.  We hope to get devices to these guys soon!  For the rest of the conference I will be simply attending sessions and learning what others are up to.

created on: 11/19/08