Back in FFFFFreezing NYC

by kengilmer

Scale was great, a nice little warm break from the freezing winds in NYC.  Our session went pretty well, Matt and I talked about the BUG to a fairly packed room of interested folks [Video Part 1]  [Video Part 2] [slides].  When polling them, about half had done some embedded development, half had done some Java development, and 1/3 were familiar with OpenEmbedded.  I was encourged by these numbers.  We went over the BUG hardware, the software stack, and talked a bit about the OpenEmbedded project and did a demo of the Eclispe tools as well as the traditional “blinking LED demo” that always wins over the crowds. 

SCaLE is an interesting contrast to FOSDEM.  FOSDEM is much larger and wilder, but (at least for me) SCaLE seemed to induce more conversations and debates about projects, processes, and FOSS topics in general.  Maybe it was just that SCaLE was smaller so you could participate in more of the events.  One key thing missing at SCaLE was all the beer drinking throughout the conference.  FOSDEM is clearly the leader in beer consumption.

Also congrats are in order for our two BUG contest winners: Russell and Jentzen!  We had over 30 partipants who submitted hardware and software ideas.  It was really tough choosing the winners and I wished we had more devices to hand out, as there were several people that were really wanting one…


created on: 02/23/09