R1.4 Special Thanks

by kengilmer

Now that R1.4 has finally left the roost, I’d like to thank two community contributers that really helped this release shine; Guillaume Legris and Chris Wade.

Guillaume’s work in MidPath is used in the BUG Audio module to provide player functionality in Java and OSGi applications.  Some work was required to adapt the library to our hardware and PhoneME.  Overall we are happy with the MidPath sound API and are glad that such a project exists!  MidPath is a great project and we may use other parts of the library in the future.

Chris has done a lot of things with BUG, and has been a very valuable community member in finding defects and providing insite into areas where we can improve the BUG software.  Chris has the distinction of being the first person to build a “3rd party” BUG module!   In particilare to R1.4 Chris did the initial porting work for u-boot, which will pave the way for simpler, more standard upgrade procedures in the future. 

Thank you Guillaume and Chris!