BitBake Commander 0.6.8 – Installers!

by kengilmer

A new release of OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse is available that adds the ability to install a flavor of OpenEmbedded via a simple GUI wizard as shown below.  Currently available install profiles are OpenEmbedded dev branch, Poky Linux, and BUG-Poky.  Other OpenEmbedded distros can be easily added, as the wizard configures itself based on a bash script.  Other enhancements include:

– UI cleanup
– Existing project wizard is now an Import Project Wizard to follow my closely with Eclipse convention
– Varios minor bug fixes

Sources are here: svn://

The updatesite is here:


created on: 04/21/09
Select OE Flavor

created on: 04/21/09
Specify Installation Parameters

created on: 04/21/09
Execute Script

created on: 04/21/09
Extract BitBake Environment

created on: 04/21/09
Resulting Eclipse Workspace