BUG Software Release 1.4.1 Now Available

by kengilmer

We didn’t want to take all the steam and thunder away from Apple today but we couldn’t keep this release back any longer.  The next version of the BUG Linux operating system and associated applications is ready for download and install on you BUG.  This release contains many fixes and enhancements, some of which are so fresh we can barely even talk about them.  As always, we highly highly recommend using the latest BUG release on your hardware.  Release notes and all the other information you’ll need is available on our wiki at http://bugcommunity.com/wiki/index.php/R1.4.1_Release_notes.

If you just can’t stand reading through tedious lists of defect fixes and feature additions, you can go right to the download page to get started with the update, here.

And finally, while this movie, The Love Bug by Disney, has absolutely nothing to do with modular open source hardware, it does share two things with R1.4.1: Love, and Bug.   Enjoy!

created on: 06/08/09