Concierge Tools for Eclipse (CTE) Update Available

by kengilmer

Mainly a defect fix release, a new version 1.1.0 of CTE is now available.  There were several minor classpath resolution issues that caused some headaches, and caused often restarts of Eclipse to get many bundles working.  In addition there were some fixes to the launch UI, and these minor visual enhancements:

1. CTE Projects are decorated as such

2. Bundles have decorators on packages that are exported, making it easier to see what you’re exporting

3. New action on packages to automatically modify the manifest with exports declaration

See the screenshot for more information.  All in all a suble improvement but well worth it if you use CTE often.  These changes will make it into the next release of the SDK.  The unofficial updatesite for this is  The official updatesite on should be updated soon.

created on: 06/12/09