Mom’s going Linux, like it or not.

by kengilmer

Recently, due to breeding, it became necessary for me to begin sending large amounts of binary data on a regular basis to my relatives back in the Rocky Mountains.  This data typically gets rendered as pictures and videos, and is usually of the fresh young human recently generated from the breeding.  My mom needs a computer at home, mainly because her boss won’t let her view the public PR page that dishes out all this binary data.  How rude!  So, me being one who can’t help but buy a new machine of some sort every few months, was happy to help out. 

A week back I dusted off an old Thinkpad, thinking, “I’ll install a fresh copy of IE6 on this and be done with it”.  So I went about installing the IE6 bootloader.  While not as quick or simple as an Xubuntu install, there were no major problems until I went to update it to the latest version, and then this Genuine Advantage friend told me I didn’t have a legit copy of the bootloader, even though the serial is pasted on the bottom of the machine.  Luckily MS had a place for me to enter my credit card to give them $150 which would make this little problem go away.  Hmm.  I contemplated this for about 3 minutes. 

❤ minutes go by>

I am now installing a new bootloader, but this one is for Mozilla Firefox.  My mom will run Linux.  Scary.  We’ll see how it goes, I’m actually curious to see how succesful she is for myself.  Where will she (or it) falter?  And, of course, what lessons can I take from this and apply to BUG?  One of the memes that can’t seem to find it’s way out of the I.T. buzz machine is “linux ready for the desktop“.  Ugh, so boring.  But, I am asking, is “linux ready for my mom?”