When Internet leaves streaks in the real world: case study

by kengilmer

Sometimes we have to break away from the fun and games of day to day operations at Bug and focus on practical, real world, nut-and-bolts activities.  Today was one such day as by team effort we created the world’s first IRC fart machine.  Using parts from around the office cobbled together and attached to the venerable Motherbug, now anyone can connect to us via IRC and let us know how you feel.  First off Matt helped by analyzing the remote control and with Andrew devising a simple circut that we could attach to the von Hippel module:

created on: 08/14/09

After that I did the dirty work: soldering wires, resistors, and whatnot together into a clump that could be attached to the VH module.  From there John worked his magic by writing the bridge from IRC to signal a specific GPIO.


created on: 08/14/09

Gone are the days where Matt C would hog the remote, only letting others access the features of fart machine on rare occations.  The internet has truely become a revolutionary force in our lives.