BUGS Testing BUGS!

by kengilmer


We’re working some spicy new features for our next release of BUG software.  To lessen the burden on our overworked QA team, we have been building a test rig that let’s connect 4 BUGs up to a master BUG.  With serial I/O, hardware reset, and some modified SAMTEC cables to allow for module removal, most software test scenarios can be modeled.  The BUGs are controlled over GPIOs and serial exposed on the Von Hippel module.  This was truly a team effort and I was even able to sharpen my soldering skills!  Here is a picture of the bad boy, also known as TestBunny.  It even sports a rad RoR web front end to display the test results.  All that’s left to do is automate the software update process and integrate it with buildbot.

created on: 09/09/09