Returned from OEDEM

by kengilmer

I had an opportunity to join folks at OEDEM in Cambridge UK last weekend.  It was two days full of technical discussion about the future of OpenEmbedded and Poky Linux.  It was great of Phil Blundell and Reciva to host the event and take care of everyone.   I came away with a really good feeling about the folks involved and the ability for the community to move forward constructively.  I met several people that before I’d only spoken with on IRC, which is a funny thing.   The topic that interested me most was tooling and the various types of people that may find themselves using OE.  I have worked on some OE tools in Eclipse in the past and this weekend was very illumiating for me understanding the context of OE developers.  I look forward to continuing conversations started at OEDEM regarding tooling.

I was able to see (briefly, darkly) Cambridge.  It’s a lot like a Harry Potter movie, except no fairy sprinkles.  Even still, it’s a great place and I would like to return soon. 

created on: 11/10/09