Ubuntu 10.04 on a Thinkpad T410s

by kengilmer

A family member needed a laptop for travel and I found it to be a good excuse to give up my current development rig, a T61p, and move on to something a little crisper.  After peeling off all the FOSS stickers I’d collected over the years on the old machine and sending it off, I ordered a T410s.  I did a lot of searching and it turned out to be the only machine that is:

  • Not super clunky, and well built.
  • Has digital video out.
  • Has the track-point on the keyboard.
  • Is a Core iSomething.
  • Has good Linux support.

I ended up getting a refurb from the Lenovo outlet, and since I was saving cash went for the all-out configuration with dual video and 128Gb SSD.

Well, it’s fast.  Really really fast.  And very thin.  It’s almost perfect, but the battery life is a bit on the short side.  I’m getting about 2 hours currently.

The Ubuntu install went pretty well, I had to tinker with BIOS settings, turning off the descrete graphics.  For some reason I put an SD card in the slot and forgot about it when I first got the machine, and then was stumped by persistent suspend issues.  I did some kernel upgrading and other munging but couldn’t figure it out until I saw this post:


Now suspend works and I’m happy!

UPDATE: 2.6.35 backported from Ubuntu 11.04  has a suspend issue.  The stock kernel for Ubuntu for 10.04 does not, so don’t upgrade!