Rapid changes in mobile OSs and Platforms

by kengilmer

While reading engadet the other day I was thinking about how much news is generated about mobile operating systems.  It’s hot stuff, and everyone is interested.  Compared to the desktop or server worlds, mobile software is evolving very rapidly.  Android is everywhere.  4 years ago when I began evaluating options for a new type of mobile device for Bug Labs, iPhone, Android, and OpenJDK did not exist!  Doing the same evaluation today would almost certainly produce a different choice.  I wonder now in 4 more years time how these game-changing platforms will evolve.  Will Android truly be “everywhere” as the gadget blogs seem to indicate?  Will older technologies like J2ME wither, or continue on?  Will the Apple onslaught of fantastic hardware/software integration destroy all?

I will be speaking at JavaOne this year about the open source Java landscape for ARM-based devices.  It will be very interesting to learn from others what these rapid changes are doing to the Java world.