JavaOne Impressions

by kengilmer

San Francisco.  Wow…the homeless people here have really upped their game.  It’s making NYC look like some small homogeneous Midwestern town.  NYC, are you just gonna take that?

It’s clearly a smaller conference than in years past, but I like it more.  Having it spread across many hotels, and having each hotel have it’s own theme gives it more flavor.  Moscone is kind of a soulless place, and I rather enjoy the smaller hotel spaces.  There are a number of interesting topics, and there seem to be a lot of overflowed sessions in which people cannot attend.  Seems like poor planning on Oracle’s part.  Perhaps they underestimated the turn-out, and the attendance is quite good I think.  Well, I hope I can get into the Jigsaw session tomorrow.  I’m hoping for an OSGi cagematch THROWDOWN.  On the other hand, just getting more clarity on what the Java Module System that will be in Java 7 or 8 will look like would be nice too.

My session went fairly well today, except I don’t think my benchmarks had the impact I was hoping for.  Doing benchmarking right is not easy, and when comparing complex software systems as I did…well, it could have used some more rigor.  After the first 5 minutes of the session, there was not a mass exodus as I’d expected, and at the end there were some good questions.   If I end up presenting with benchmarks again in the future however, I will allocate much more time to the effort.