Exporting BUG sensor data to Pachube

by kengilmer

One great thing about conferences is the ambient, random exposure to new projects.  One thing I came across during a SunSpot session was Pachube, which aims to allow devices to publish data about themselves as feeds to the Pachube website.  From there the data can be utilized in a variety of ways.  I then found the jpachube library by Sam Wilson and it looked pretty easy to use.  Seemed like a fun project to get running on BUG.  To try it out I wrote a BUGapp that would take motion sensor data and publish it as a feed on Pachube.  I then OSGi-ified jpachube so my app could get access to it’s classes.  Now the feed is available on Pachube.  It would be nice to add location data, maybe that will be next with the GPS module…