steb: the reawakening

by kengilmer

I’ve updated steb because of a nasty problem that’s haunted us since the begining.  Some plugins that contribute editors use editor features that assume a file is in the workspace.  When opening a file via steb with one of these plugins, a not-so-productive error editor pops up and there you are.

I spent a few hours trying to fix this.  The NPE that’s generated doesn’t give me a whole lot to go on.  My theory is that EditorInput.getAdapter() is being called for something that FileStoreInputEditor cannot provide.  In any case, my workaround is to catch the error (actually wait until the error editor is loaded), then load the standard eclipse text editor.  This will mean that for some files, the fancy editors you’d expect to load will not.  This is as good as I can do for now.

The updatesite is at