BUG Software R1.4.3 Released!

by kengilmer

created on: 12/17/09

  BUG Software Release 1.4.3 is now publicly available.  The RC1.4.3.7

was approved as a production release.  Binary images are available at
http://www.buglabs.net/download.  Sources are available at

svn://svn.buglabs.net/bug/tags/releases/R1.4.3.  Javadoc is available at
http://bugcommunity.com/development/javadoc/r1.4.3/bug/.  And release
notes are available at

Some open source projects we’ve used in this release:
– JNotify (http://jnotify.sourceforge.net)
– JmDNS (http://jmdns.sourceforge.net/)
– FM-Classic (http://fm-classic.sourceforge.net/)
– avetanabt

Thanks to everyone internal and external that helped make this release