New steb release: 0.5.0

by kengilmer

Shell to Linux Bridge has a new feature and a tweak.  The tweak is no log output for socket errors.  I often run multiple instances of eclipse and don’t want to sort through these messages when I’m looking for something else.  The feature is a “project mode” in which, an Eclipse project is generated for a given directory.  This can be handy for evaluating a new package, or simply browsing some source files that are not apart of a formal, language-oriented project in your workspace.  With my netcat-based client, I type from the terminal:

$ steb -p /tmp/myproject

And steb picks this up, creates a new general project named “myproject”, and recursively adds all child files and folders.  Be careful when removing these projects from Eclipse, if you elect to have Eclipse delete the files…that’s exactly what it will do!

As always the updatesite is:

The steb client shell script is available at: