Android on BUG: an Update

by kengilmer

When we first started working on getting Android on BUG with Tarent last year, my right brain was happy and excited.  I love learning new things.  And after all, Android is a fun, creative new platform for application development.

  But my left brain had some doubts.  How will BMI and other unique hardware BUG features work?  What about our existing APIs and applications?  How can we maintain two seperate software platforms?

created on: 03/22/11

But recently my left brain has changed it’s tune.  Things are really starting to come together.  Tarent did a great job of providing a solid base Froyo build that we are now busily polishing and tuning for BUG 2.0 hardware.  Android was designed for mobile devices, so the user experience has a lot of potential.  And while we certainly don’t have all the answers, it is clear that with BUG we can take Android application develepment to whole new domains.

created on: 03/22/11


So if your left (or right) brain is looking like mine, have a look at the Android for BUG 2.0 start page on GitHub.  Heck maybe even download a build and take it for a spin.  If you’re interested to see what we’re actively working on, take a look at the issues.  And by all means, if you see something you can fix yourself, have at it!