Fresh from the oven: Knapsack for Apache Felix

by kengilmer

Both for my various weekend projects and on the BUG, I’ve been unhappy with the bundled launcher that comes with Felix.  Equinox is no better.  Typically people use the Eclipse tooling to create and configure framework instances, but when setting up for production or working with embedded targets this is often not possible. So I set out to make something that would allow me to easily get a framework up and running from the terminal.  Luckily, Felix has excellent embedding support and documentation so it was pretty easy to get started.

What is it?  Essentially an alternative launcher for the Felix OSGi framework (3.2.2) that uses the OS’s native shell for framework management, and creates all of the configuration files automatically, letting the user just download, run, and start adding their application bundles, with interactive feedback.

I’ve much more detail on the design details and usage on the project page and in the readme.

However, here is the summary of how to go from Zero to OSGi in 30 seconds*:

$ mkdir foo && cd foo
$ wget
$ java -jar knapsack.jar &

* Depending, of course, on your copy-paste skillz.